Houston Astros – Week #3

The Houston Astros have completed the first two weeks of their 2018 MLB season.

Thursday 04/05/2018
Friday 04/06/2018 San Diego 1 4 L
Saturday 04/07/2018 San Diego 1 0 W
Sunday 04/08/2018 San Diego 4 1 W
Monday 04/09/2018 @Minnesota 2 0 W
Tuesday 04/10/2018 @Minnesota 1 4 L
Wednesday 04/11/2018 @Minnesota 8 9 L

Currently, standing at 9-4 for the season, so far. This week, the team starts off at home then heads to the Pacific Northwest.

Thursday 04/12/2018
Friday 04/13/2018 Texas
Saturday 04/14/2018 Texas
Sunday 04/15/2018 Texas
Monday 04/16/2018 @Seattle
Tuesday 04/17/2018 @Seattle
Wednesday 04/18/2018 @Seattle

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Houston Astros Week 1

Welcome Back Sports Fans…R U READY FOR SOME BASEBALL!!!

You know we are…It has finally arrived…OPENING DAY FOR THE 2018 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL SEASON and for the first time ever the WORLD SERIES DEFENDING CHAMPIONS are the HOUSTON ASTROS!

Man, it feels good say that. I know all the haters have been having to suck it all off-season long but what else can they do? Houston Astros are the World Series Champions!

2018 is already shaping up to be one of those seasons of hard work, ups and downs, but with the off-season moves and acquisitions the Astros are putting in the work to avoid becoming a one-hit wonder.

Here is the Opening Day and Week 1 Houston Astros Schedule

Thursday 03/29/2018 @Texas
Friday 03/30/2018 @Texas
Saturday 03/31/2018 @Texas
Sunday 04/01/2018 @Texas
Monday 04/02/2018 Baltimore
Tuesday 04/03/2018 Baltimore
Wednesday 04/04/2018 Baltimore

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